Keep your Smartphone running with healthy battery life

Keep your Smartphone running with healthy battery life


Battery is the main component of the phone. Everything is dead if battery is dead. The way you keep your phone safe it is equally important to take steps to safeguard the battery and prolong its life.

The following ideas can really help you for the same.

If not needed turn the vibrations off:

turn vibration off

Usually vibrate mode is helpful if we are in meeting and it is not possible to keep the phone on ringtone. But Its true, the vibrations mode consume lot of battery. If you really do not need the same, keep it in off mode like in a meeting you can’t actually pick the phone, so better to keep it on light or silent mode. You can always check the phone when you are free.

Turn the backlight to dim

screen dim

Whenever we turn our phone on for use, the backlight turns on. It is really not necessary to keep it bright always. The backlight consumes most of the battery keeping it at minimum can do wonders to your phone. Try using the auto brightness mode or keep it at minimum. You can still see even if the light is at minimum.

Reduce the time of screen timeout:

Reduce screen time out
Longer the light of the screen is on, more would be the battery consumption. Try keeping the timeout option to least possible. Actually when you have used the phone and keeping it aside then there is no need for the light to be on. There the screen timeout option comes into picture and lesser it will be, the more good it will do to your phone’s battery.

Switch off:

Power off

If you know that during a specific time you are not suppose to use the phone, the best option is to turn it off. It will not only save the battery but also let the phone to cool down

Lots of unnecessary Apps-Uninstall them:

Close Apps
More the apps on the phone more strain it will be on the battery because every app consumes some portion of battery and the regular update on them consumes the battery even more. If you have loads of apps that are of no use and you are sure that they are not needed in near future, then the best is to uninstall them. This will reduce the unnecessary load on your phone and the app management will be easier for you.

Turn off GPS, Wifi, 3G/4G, Bluetooth and  location :

GPS,Wifi, Bluetooth Mobile Data Off

Turn Off Location

You have a net pack on your phone doesn’t mean that you have to keep it on for the whole day. You are not using them then turn them off. It will save the battery. If they are left in on mode the phone will be continuously scanning for the best network and in turn will consume the part of your battery.

Manage Notifications:

Minimize Notifications in Mobile Phone
Is your phone always loaded with lots of notification alerts and you don’t bother to see them. Think again is it good for your phone’s battery. The battery is consumed every time a new notification is received and there are chances that you may miss important notifications in the heap of irrelevant ones. Try to disable the unnecessary notifications or keep the phone in offline mode to avoid them.

Check the phone’s temperature:

Ensure that your phone is well ventilated. Try not to keep it in direct sunlight or in kitchen where the temperature is high for the longer life of your battery.

These are simple tips and of course do not require any extra cumbersome effort from our end. Just a slight change in our daily habits can help a longer and better battery life.


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