Apps to share files without Internet

Gone are the days when we are dependent on Bluetooth to share data with friends or use our internet packs to individually download them. Now with the play store apps we can download the apps once and can share the data without using our internet packs. The plus point is that the sharing doesn’t takes much time and we can even share heavy files like apps and movies.

Below are some android apps explained which can be ued to share files from android to android.

ShareIt by Lenovo


The simple user interface of the app has made it easily usable without much hassles.

The data can be shared with one user at a time using the wifi connection.

ShareIt Use

You simply need to get the app downloaded from the playstore or you can get it transferred through Bluetooth from another device. This is the only time when you need internet connection if you are downloading from the playstore.

The sender has to click on send option to send the files. Then they have to select what all do they have to send music, videos, files, apps, etc. and the search for the device to be sent. Once the sender click on the receiver device icon on the radar the popup confirmation will be sent to the receiver

The receiver has to click on the receive option to receive the files. The app will confirm you ,if want to receive the files from the sender. On selecting ok the sharing will start between the devices and the data will be shared within seconds.

At the end the app will display the size of data been shared within how much time.



This app is a step ahead of the ShareIt. You can share data in a group with this app. Before sharing the files you need to create a group within the app

Xender Use

Simply download and install the app from the playstore. Once done, open the app and click on connect phone and then hit create group icon to prepare a list of receivers.

Now, on the receiver’s device once the app is downloaded like we have downloaded and installed on sender’s device, click on join group option to receive the data.

Once the preparation is done, the sender just have to select the apps, files, videos, music etc., to be shared and tap “share to start the magic.



Similar to shareIt, the app sends and receives the data without using internet. You can create a Wi-Fi group of the same like Xender and see the data being transferred in a flash of speed. Simply download and install the app and create a group to share.


There are some more good apps like BitTorrent, Infinit, WeTransfer,SuperBeam that are also good for sharing the data between your phones (Android/iPhone) to even PC but some of the features are not free in the list.

Now the fun never stops even if you net pack is exhausted. You can still get the fresh updates from your groups and enjoy.


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